Stone Fireplaces

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Classic English Cast Stone Fireplace


Cast stone Fireplace Surround with Over-mantel

Many Cast Stone Colors/Textures Available

Cast stone fireplace with overmantel and cast stone side paneling

Custom Design Dimensions to Your Needs

The Classic English Cast Stone Overmantel Fireplace is a staple in our past and present. This elegant mantel is available in custom sizes and colors. There is also a cast stone niche on the cast stone overmantel. Niche has a cast stone diamond in-lay for the cast stone paneling. The cast stone over-mantel also has a cast stone crown molding at the top that follows the same style as the wood crown molding. The cast stone fireplace surround with over mantel also has a cast stone hearth. All the joints on the cast stone fireplace are tight and are finished to give the cast stone fireplace a complete look.