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Marble Fireplace Mantel Model 6

Antique Marble Mantel

Floral fruit carved

Natural Stone Fireplace Surround

Many Natural Stone Colors/Textures Available

Custom Design Dimensions to Your Needs

This marble fireplace is a fine example of the quality of marble and carving that we offer. This fireplace mantel surround can be made from a variety of stone including but not limited to Red Yellow Marble, Yangpin White Marble, Afterglow Red Marble, Quyang Blood Yellow Marble, Yellow Sandstone and Indiana Limestone. Some of our fireplaces are hand carved fireplaces while other fireplace mantels are machine carved. The quality of our hand carved and machine carved fireplaces are both great and it simply depends on the style or factory as to whether it is a hand carved fireplace or a machine carved fireplace mantel surround. In this fireplace the hearth, fireplace surround and the mantel shelf are all made from the same marble. There is a flower design in the mantel of this fireplace. On the sides of this fireplace there are corbels. Below the corbels on this fireplace there are flowers with vines. This is a beautiful floral fireplace mantel surround that is entirely made from marble. Marble makes a statement in any situation especially when it is incorporated in a fireplace setting because the fireplace surround is the focus of any room specifically when the fireplace is a marble fireplace. Marble fireplaces on sale. Marble fireplace sale click link on home page to get great deals on marble fireplaces.