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Legacy Fireplace is a unique fireplace mantel in its simple beauty. This fireplace mantel takes inspiration from many different designs and styles of fireplace mantels. The Legacy Fireplace has a modern fireplace look because of its clean lines. It also has a contemporary design because of its simplistic yet soft edges. Still the Legacy Fireplace has a very traditional and elegant look and feel. This fireplace is available on sale. It is a hand carved fireplace made from travertine. This travertine fireplace looks like a travertine fireplace or a limestone fireplace. The travertine has a rugged look and feel. Check more of our fireplaces that are on sale on the sale page. There is a link below to view more fireplaces that are on sale. Marble fireplaces and limestone fireplaces and travertine fireplaces and travertine fireplaces all on sale. These are beautiful hand carved fireplaces that are being offered at cheap prices. Call today to get a free on a custom fireplace design. Call us today to get a free quote on custom fireplaces.