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Natural Stone Selection

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Stone Fireplaces, LLC uses natural stone to provide its customers with beautiful natural stone fireplaces. These natural stone fireplaces are ordered from our selection or we could use our stones to make a custom fireplace.  Some of the natural stones that Stone Fireplaces, LLC offers are Sandstone, Travertine, Limestone and Marble.  All of these natural stones come in different shades and colors.  We use these natural stones to make the mantel, inner surround, and hearth of the fireplace.

Sandstone is an affordable natural stone that comes in a variety of shades.  Sandstone’s most common colors are gray, tan, brown, reddish, yellowish, and even white.  Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is composed of sand and rock grains. The main minerals that are found in sandstone are usually quartz and feldspar. Sandstone is a natural stone that is found throughout the world. The entire fireplace could be made from sandstone. The fireplace hearth, the fireplace mantel, fireplace overmantel /upper mantel and fireplace inner surround to get a beautiful fireplace.

Limestone is another natural stone that is beautiful and strong.  Limestone is a natural stone that is also a sedimentary rock. This rock is a natural stone that is made up of grains. These grains that make up limestone are coral fragments and other carbonate grains. The main mineral in limestone is calcium carbonate.  Limestone is a very tough stone that is not only durable but also beautiful.  This natural stone mostly comes in a variety of grays.  Limestone is a common stone that is frequently used for many applications on the home. Limestone is found both on the outside and the inside of the home. We use limestone to make beautiful fireplaces for our clients. Limestone is a structural stone that is a great finish for homes. Limestone is a great option for any fireplace hearth. Even if the fireplace mantel is wood you could use the natural limestone for the fireplace hearth. A limestone fireplace is one that gives a rich and beautiful look for the entire home. The center piece of a home is the fireplace with the fireplace mantel its inner surround and the grand overmantel or the upper mantel.

Travertine is a gorgeous stone that has natural pores in it.  This pours stone is a type of limestone. So, just as limestone this natural stone is one that is mostly made up of calcium carbonate. One difference between limestone and travertine is that the travertine is more pores. The travertine stone is a great stone to use if a coral type look is wanted for a fireplace.  The travertine stone look is also one that could be achieved with cast stone.  Stone Fireplaces, LLC does a travertine like cast stone fireplace that has a great finish. Travertine like limestone and sandstone is found in a lot of places on earth.  Travertine is a structural stone that is great for the home.

Marble is a rich natural stone that is beautiful and elegant. Through natural processes in the earth marble is morphed from other natural stones like limestone into marble. So, marble is made from sedimentary rocks. Marble is a structural stone. Marble has beautiful crystal like textures that give marble its unique look.  Marble also has intricate patterns and designs.  Marble has been used for thousands of years to make fireplaces, statues and other things. Marble is a stone that we use to make fireplaces. Our fireplaces that are made from marble are a great addition to any home. Marble could be made to almost any design for a home. There is a vast amount of style that marble comes in. Not only does marble come is a variety of styles but marble also comes in a vast amount of colors. Marble comes in many different colors from black to white and green to red.  Impurities in the marble such as silt and iron oxides give marble a lot of its characteristics. Overall, marble is a beautiful natural stone that is used for fireplaces. Stone Fireplaces, LLC offers a large variety of marble. This natural stone marble is used to make our variety of style fireplaces.  You could mix different marbles on one fireplace to get an original look. The hearth on the fireplace could be made from a different marble than the mantel.

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