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Terms & Conditions

TERMS: 50% deposit due to begin production and remainder upon completion for orders over $15,000. Orders under $15,000 require payment in full prior to start of production. Order will NOT be put into production until signed order & deposit are received. Checks are made out to Stone Fireplaces LLC. An additional 10% will be charged for rush orders. AN ADDITIONAL 3% WILL BE CHARGED IF PAYMENT IS MADE BY CREDIT CARD.NOTE: This is a confidential bid, please do not disclose our name or prices to other bidders. IF THERE ARE ANY ADDITIONS OR CHANGES, PRICES WILL BE SUBJECT TO ADJUSTMENT. THERE IS A 50% RESTOCKING CHARGE ON STOCK & 60% ON CUSTOM ORDERS. IT IS THE CUSTOMER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO DOUBLE CHECK ENTIRE ORDER. CANCELLATION FEES ARE APPLICABLE TO ANY ORDER CANCELLED AFTER CONFIRMATION OF ORDER. ANY EXTRA MATERIAL LEFT OVER AT THE JOB SITE IS THE PROPERTY OF STONE FIREPLACES AND WILL BE PICKED UP BY OUR REPRESENTATIVES. STONE FIREPLACES is not responsible for any material, or property, that is stolen, broken, damaged, or somehow misplaced. Products may have physical traits that resemble stone-like eroding characteristics, such as small fractures, chipping, and natural incising. These physical stone-like characteristics can and may be filled with a filler material (e.g. grout, epoxy, caulk, etc.) Natural stone and cut stone may also have spotting and marks on the stone that occur either naturally or from the production/manufacturing process. All custom orders are manufactured plus/minus 1/2-1” of listed dimensions due to the natural of natural stone and cast stone products. Due to the qualities and characteristics of natural and cast stone dimensions are not exact and will vary and can be adjusted in the production process. STONE FIREPLACES will make the decision to either fix, replace or to refund (refund for the broken piece or pieces) of the natural stone or cast stone products. Natural Stone and cast stone products are not pre-assembled and will need to be assembled on site i.e. all fireplaces come in several pieces. Signing this order will release any photos taken by Stone Fireplaces. Products broken in shipment may need to be re-ordered. It is at the discretion of Stone Fireplaces whether to order a new product (i.e. fireplace, etc.) or to fix (i.e. patch, glue, repair, etc.) the product. Lead times may be subject to change if products need to be re-ordered or repaired. Typical lead time for natural stone products is 10-16 weeks to manufacture and deliver. Once product is delivered, product is accepted. Above design is property of Stone Fireplaces and design cannot be used without written consent from Stone Fireplaces, LLC. All disputes will be settled in the State of Illinois. Estimate is good for 30 days. Additional Terms and Conditions posted on our website ( it is the customers responsibility to access the additional terms and conditions. If a customer does not have access to the website, it is the customers' responsibility to notify to notify Stone Fireplaces prior to signing this proposal and we will provide the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notification. Signing this proposal signifies/confirms that you have read and understand all terms and conditions. Fees associated with canceled orders will be subject to restocking fees. Those fees include but are not limited to the following: 1. pick up and delivery to our warehouse 2. restocking the fireplace 3. any credit card fees associated with this order 4. any other additional charges incurred in the restocking process